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Abraxas an ancient charm composed of Greek letters: originally believed to have magical powers and inscribed on amulets, etc, but from the second century ad personified by Gnostics as a deity, the source of divine emanations.


Oil on canvas

100 x 140cm


…I am here, I am here!

I am one with the present;

spiked with the beauty 

of this world,

heart contracting

to hold each moment!   Ellen Zaks

The mute appeals of mannequins, seen through reflections on glass, began to suggest other dimensions to me, resonating with a Dan Simmons novel in which he describes farcasters that provide instant transport to other star systems. From farcasters and reflective surfaces, I dived into the tunnels and openings of London’s tube system, seeing them as entries to other realities and arrived at the painting ‘Abraxas.’